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News August 2006

Patterner is now sold directly, payment is via paypal or direct bank transfer.

Version 4.0.5 is a major update of Patterner, changes include:

  • Support for WindowsXP and long file names
  • Improved quality for creation of geodesic lines
  • Ability to choose the alignment of patterned panels
  • 2d Pattern view updates in real time as you change the mesh

Product description

Patterner for Windows is a powerful collection of tools to work with 3d surface meshes. It will allow you to design and produce production drawings of 3d surfaces.

Patterner is sold primarily for the design and manufacture of tents and membrane / fabric structures. However, the powerful manipulation and drawing creation tools provided make it useful for anyone building complex 3d forms from sheet materials.

view of interface

Screen grab of Patterner


Among other functions, The full version of Patterner for Windows can:

  • Import and export AutoCAD compatible Drawing Exchange Format 3d DXF meshes.
  • Export 3DStudio 3d DXF compatible meshes.
  • Export 3d Virtual Reality Modelling Language files VRML, hyperlinked, coloured or striped. Ready for insertion into presentation models.
  • Relax meshes into anticlastic membrane shapes, using a variety of node types including perimeter cables, mirrored edges and straight edges.
  • Print or export DXF compatible workshop pattern drawings, compensated for stretch, including:
    • Panel and total fabric area, lengths and widths.
    • Job, client and drawing details.
    • Indexed numbering and reference of panel drawings, cable lengths and fitting angles. A sample 2d *.DXF drawing is included with the demo version if you download now.
  • Edit meshes by selecting required panel direction, deleting and inserting panels, creating geodesic seams and checking panel widths.
  • 'New mesh Wizard' allows you to automatically generate any number of circular or rectangular surfaces.
  • Drag points on the surface using your mouse and snap to a user definable grid.
  • Advanced editing allows you to move, rotate, scale and mirror your mesh.
  • In addition to exporting DXF files, you can print a full set of A4/Letter size fabrication drawings directly to any Windows printer or fax.

These new features taken together mean that a CAD package is no longer required for the full use of Patterner for Windows.


A printout from Patterner, each panel is given a single page.

fabric panels laid flat for cutting

2d pattern drawing output from Patterner. Includes all information required for cutting and assembly.

Drawings can be printed on a standard desk printer, faxed through a fax modem or exported as dxf CAD files for further editing.

Demonstration version

You can download a demonstration version of Patterner right now. This version is fully featured, including online help, demo files, printing and sample output (2d and 3d *.DXF, *.wrl, *.plt). All *.DXF export features have been disabled for this demonstration version.

This demonstration version of Patterner for Windows does export 3d VRML (virtual reality modelling language) files for use in a world wide web browser.

Download Patterner for Windows 4.0.5 Demo Version [586kB].

Download the PDF user guide [920kB].

Full version

The full version of Patterner for Windows is on sale for:

Commercial version

£ 575 - for businesses

Delivery of the activation code is via email once payment has been confirmed by paypal, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Educational version

£ 275 - for students, universities and colleges

Delivery of the activation code is via email once payment has been confirmed by paypal, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Alternatively, payment can be made via direct bank transfer – Please contact us for further details.

Free add-on tools

Import DXF meshes into Patterner

Patterner will import most AutoCAD DXF meshes, however it doesn't always succeed. Download DXF2MEM, a utility for converting any DXF rectangular mesh into a patterner MEM file.

The program is a simple droplet style tool, simply drag-and-drop your DXF file onto the DXF2MEM icon and a similarly named MEM file will be created in the same folder.

rendered view of a pipe

View of surfrev imported from AutoCAD

view of 2d export module

Screen capture of interactive 2d drawing export module.

pipe segments laid flat for cutting

2d pattern drawing output from Patterner

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